Designing digital marketing strategies that drive sales and leads.

While most brands large and small have a basic aptitude for digital marketing and advertising, the demands to stay relevant, produce original content, track and generate leads or sales is a drain on resources. The need for comprehensive digital strategies and customization is vast and only a few industry thought leaders have the capacity to design the right result for companies.

The integrated process of understanding the competitive landscape, brand voice, messaging, custom tracking, CRM integrations, sales systems and more, is a tall order for most businesses. At a minimum, outside expertise is required to navigate the internal political push pulls across teams and departments and/or scaling resources to achieve a competitive advantage. Learn more about my digital marketing agencies Jennings Social Media Marketing (JSMM) & Viral Bolt Media (VBM) including our MarTech services.

Marketing Strategy
& Consulting

From large to small brands, custom digital strategies that align with sales and marketing programs give companies the freedom to scale for success. A consulting service also helps maintain transparency and keep results focused on the brand’s desired outcomes.

Original Content Creation

Relevancy and originality win in the battle for a competitive advantage. However, it will take more than fancy photos and videos, but an editorial program that highlights critical brand messages, influencer marketing, advertising, sales funnels and MarTech.

Digital Lead Generation & Custom Reporting

It’s imperative that digital marketing and advertising campaigns utilize custom tracking to attribute the source of leads and sales. By understanding the trends through custom reporting, companies can make tactical decisions about where to spend their investment.

Customization, Consulting is Key to Success

From my experiences leading publicly traded companies through digital transitions to helping mid-sized companies scale, the marketplace is about relevancy, custom strategies and transparency. The ability to fuse sales and marketing goals with technology and advertising is how brands can achieve results, but without the right visionary leader, there is little to no direction. The right approach is focused, tailored and transparent.


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