My Love Affair With Key West – A Spiritual Connection

My Love Affair With Key West – A Spiritual Connection

Sunset Key Cottage Beach & Ferry Boat 2018

The spiritual connection I feel when I’m in Key West is unlike any other place I have visited. It’s simply indescribable except that it feels like paradise for my soul. Our best times have been spent at Sunset Key, a private island accessible by ferry. It’s there that I feel the rumbling of the ocean, positive vibes from the island and the echo of happiness. From pirates to gangsters and wealth to poverty, it’s all part of Key West’s unique treasure chest.

Family Vacations to Key West

We visit Key West about once or twice a year. My daughter Alexa describes it best: “Key West is special, right Mommy?” Of course, but it’s our precious time spent as a family at Sunset Key Cottages that makes it extra special. We have experienced most of the touristy stuff, but the history that Key West offers is probably the most magical. It’s one of the only places I know that has been the richest and poorest as well as the focal point of pirate invasions, gangsters, presidents, military, ghosts and more.

Treasured Memories

While there are lots of amazing activities to do in Key West, we cater to Alexa since her age restricts her from doing some of the bigger-kid excursions like the water park in the middle of the ocean. However, we have found it to be surprisingly kid-friendly despite all of the partying that it’s known for on Duval Street.

The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is a must-see for kids and adults. When we walked into the conservatory, we were amazed by how many butterflies there were — at least 1000, landing on our heads and arms. It was an incredible opportunity for Alexa to experience the magic of nature. Not only did we spend time exploring these beautiful creatures from the beginning of their lives to when they become butterflies, we also interacted with the gorgeous flamingos there.

Valerie Jennings-Ancona at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory 2018

Sunset Key Cottages is heaven on Earth. It’s just a short ferry boat ride from Key West to the island but worth the beautiful commute.  We had many options on how to spend our vacation, like relaxing by the pool or getting pampered at the spa. But at the end of the day, it’s the incredible ocean view and beauty of the cottages that makes this place paradise.

Valerie Jennings-Ancona at the Sunset Key Cottages 2018

Alexa playing in the pool at Sunset Cottages 2018

The coral reef tour is a great experience for kids and adults. It’s the only living reefs in North America, which makes it a must see when in Key West. We boarded one of the Catamaran boats and traveled about 30 minutes from the coast to the reef. Alexa had the opportunity to do her reef swim with a divemaster who helped her down the stairs, into the ocean and out into the reef where she swam beside exotic and colorful fish.

Alexa venturing with the divemaster on the Reef Tour 2018

Another great experience is the Key West Aquarium, which has a dedicated area for sea turtle preservation. They take in injured sea turtles and give them extra love and care in a predator-free environment where they can thrive. We learned all about this wonderful species and what we could do to help preserve them.

A sea turtle that had been rescued and cared for by the Key West Aquarium

Seahorse at the Key West Aquarium

Overall, Key West is one of our favorite places to visit and enjoy the variety of experiences from relaxing in luxury to learning about wildlife.


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