Why Tennis Is My Best Therapy- Tips To Detox Your Life

Why Tennis Is My Best Therapy- Tips To Detox Your Life

Valerie Jennings playing in the Summer Slam Tennis Finals at Elite Squad Tennis 

July 2018


When you run a successful business for more than 15 years, work more hours a week than you care to report, have a five-year-old daughter and want a personal life, it’s easy to get tired, stressed and even frustrated with yourself. I have a lot of personal goals, and one of them is to understand how to utilize my mind and body beyond its immediate potential. Research shows that the majority of us only use a fraction of our minds. I wonder too about our untapped natural potential inherited through our DNA or just through personal experiences.

We only have this body once, and we only have so long before our physical limitations start to restrict what we can and cannot do. Part of my blog series is about exploring the spiritual, mental and physical journey each of us selects for ourselves — whether to experiment, learn and create or maintain our personal status quo.

Detox Your Mind Before Breakfast

Every day it’s important for us to feed our minds with positive thoughts and beliefs. To steal a line from Alice in Wonderland, try to think of six impossible things before breakfast. Our minds need food just like our bodies. Don’t allow your mind to become a garbage dumpster for other people or media to fill your head up with trash. Stay away from negative thoughts, messages and attitudes if possible, but especially first thing in the morning. Instead, read positive, uplifting and inspiring quotes. Think about things you want to achieve and believe in yourself. Hold positive expectations and then imagine the right people and opportunities supporting you through the transitions to get to your ideal place in the world. I won’t lie to you: it’s not easy, and the amount of negative trash and people far exceeds the positive ones. But you have to find the true gems in the world by attracting them through positivity and practicing good health for yourself.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

I truly believe that once the mind is healthy, the body will follow. Yes, you can have a healthy body and the mind be toxic — it’s true. But if you focus on feeding your mind with positive, beautiful messages each day, your body will catch up. The body and mind love each other, and when they are in sync, you can start to challenge yourself more and explore what else awaits you on your journey. Self-discovery is one of the main reasons our species continues to survive, because of the desire to create and evolve. If we no longer desire to create, we will parish as a species. On the contrary, humanity has created some ugliness that needs immediate attention. But for now, for this moment, the focus is on making ourselves healthy. When each person focuses on his or her own physical and mental health, we can easily conquer these challenges and more.

A Little Tennis History

So what about tennis? I started playing tennis right before I got pregnant with Alexa and even played up until my second trimester. I would have kept it up, but unfortunately I had some complications with the pregnancy that limited physical activity. Once she was born, I started playing a little bit again; however, the single mom lifestyle wasn’t quite conducive to running the business, parenting and playing tennis, so I put it on hold once again. Finally, last year I went back to playing and started almost at square one again. For me, it’s not about the social aspect or even winning the game, although that is fun. It’s just the wonderful sensation of feeling strong and healthy and purging the negative energies from the week. The mental stamina that is required to play the game and the physical ability to run, doge, hit and maintain strategy on the court gives me all the gratification in the world. For me, it’s my own personal therapy!

This past July, I played in the Summer Slam Tennis Tournament hosted by Elite Squad Tennis, where I’m currently a member. It was my first tournament and competitive match play. I was thrilled to make it to finals — another rewarding experience for me on my journey. To reflect, I learned a lot about myself those two days, including how to manage my thoughts on command. Anyone who practices the law of attraction or spirituality knows that this is one of the greatest accomplishments. To use this skill during competition was a very rewarding experience. To train the mind on command to focus, run, score and stay positive are all strategies we need in life to live our dreams. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your true ambitions, especially when it means making yourself a stronger, healthier person.

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