Why Social Media Marketing in Miami Beach for Real Estate, Travel & Tourism

Why Social Media Marketing in Miami Beach for Real Estate, Travel & Tourism

My social media marketing company JSMM+VBM recently opened a new satellite office in Miami Beach, Florida. Known for its beautiful white beaches, signature architecture, and lively nightlife, it’s the perfect spot for us to set up shop. But there’s more to it than that! The tropical city is also experiencing an economic boom lately, particularly in their real estate, travel, and tourism industries. With fifteen years of experience working in similar businesses in both the U.S. and Caribbean Islands, this is simply an opportunity we cannot miss out on. If you want to read more about our agency’s real estate projects instead, go here. But if you want to know why we think Miami Beach luxury real estate and hotel lead generation using social media and digital advertising will spike in the city, read on below.

There are Exciting New Projects Underway in Miami Beach

I had the pleasure of attending the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Travel and Tourism Meeting at The Bass one time. Exciting new projects for the city were unveiled during this event, including plans to build a hotel in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Valerie Jennings-Ancona at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Travel and Tourism Meeting at The Bass.

The center has gone through a major makeover recently. Not only do they now have the latest technologies, more parking lots, and additional event rooms, but they have also updated their exterior to mirror the ocean just three blocks away. And although this remodeling cost them a hefty sum of $620 million, officials consider the renovation a necessary step to boost Miami’s tourism industry.

By building a hotel in the center, the city hopes to further increase the number of events the building plays host to, thus boosting activity and tourism. In any case, the proposal has already been approved by city officials, although it still has to get the voting support of Miami Beach residents.

A Well-Received News

This announcement was gladly met by attendees, and we heard from experts involved in the project during the meeting as well as seen interviews conducted by Vive La Florida afterward.

Ceci Velasco, a co-chair of the Chamber of Commerce, said, “This is the answer that’s going to make us competitive with the rest of the United States. This hotel is what is going to make the convention center successful.” She explains that the convention center would bring more tourism to the area and not only will it see an increased number of visitors, but the businesses all around Miami Beach would have more customers, too.

This sentiment is also shared by Steven Haas, the executive director of the Miami Beach Convention Center, who said, “We are the only leading city with a convention center without a convention center hotel. It’s time to be built.”

I myself had the chance to share my thoughts on the developments with Vive La Florida during a video interview, where I said, “The information was presented very well, you can tell there’s a lot of passion in the community for the convention center and for the hotel. I think it’ll be amazing for the area businesses.”

Valerie Jennings-Ancona being interviewed by Vive La Florida.

We’ve Seen It Happen Before Elsewhere

The plans to bring in more tourism in Miami Beach will no doubt have a compounded effect on the hotel, luxury resort, and real estate markets as more and more people fall in love with the city. Our team at JSMM+VBM is all too familiar with the demand that exists for properties in beach paradise locales, witnessing similar phenomena occurring during a collaboration with a client, a luxury real estate company that sells their quaint villas nestled in a small community along the beach in the Dominican Republic.

While in the Dominican Republic

Back then, my agency and team were given an opportunity by this client to travel to the Dominican Republic and experience firsthand what life in their villas was like. To keep it short, we had a blast! We rode horses along a river, hiked through the lush forest, jumped off a waterfall, hanged around with some spider monkeys, and relaxed on the beach. We later wrote about our adventures there, and we captured over 1000 amazing pictures to feature in our blog, including the ones below.

Valerie Jennings-Ancona riding a horse along a river in the Dominican Republic.

Valerie Jennings-Ancona at The Monkey Jungle in the Dominican Republic.

Using the articles we wrote and the photos we took, we gave this client a commanding online presence. And through posts we made in our personal social media accounts, we helped increase their viability further. Combining the raw images we captured with the cultural knowledge we gained during our adventures also helped us give this client’s followers a relatively realistic virtual tour of the island, making them feel as if they’re actually there. If you would like to read more about our trip and the adventures we had, you can read my blog from that trip.

Giving Back to the Client

Anyway, these allowed us to create an incredible turnaround for this client in just a few months. We increased their leads and exposure using a variety of tactics. These resulted in 14,000 new email leads and 26,000 sessions on the sales landing page as well as better customer engagement. We also utilized digital ads on platforms like Google Ad and Facebook Messenger to get in contact with potential buyers, providing interactive surveys that were easy for both site admin and visitors to peruse, and helping the client showcase their beautiful properties and follow through with sales. Read more about this project in our portfolio.

We also collaborated with relevant influencers and complementary brands in the industry to draw more attention to the properties. We found these influencers by researching and segmenting audiences based on personas, competitors, keywords, and interests. From there, we selected prominent individuals who would be able to reach our target audience. They mainly consist of people who could afford to buy a second house and those who are interested in traveling.

The influencers we choose started by promoting a contest, with a stay in one of the client’s villas as the prize. By promoting the villas on their personal accounts, the influencer campaign resulted in multiple placements of our content on international travel bloggers’ websites, which receive over 4800 monthly page views. We were also able to collect around 14,000 new email subscribers and over a million impressions during this event. The dramatic increase of our client’s online presence got their villas catching the eyes of many potential customers, even those who had never heard of their business before.

Things are Looking Bright in Miami Beach

These being said, my team and I are excited about the many possibilities that might happen in Miami Beach. With many amazing projects underway, industries in the tropical city are sure to experience an upward peak phase. And with us having a base there, you can be confident that the social media marketing arena there will also experience a similar upsurge.
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