Welcome To My Blog: A New Journey In 2018

Welcome To My Blog: A New Journey In 2018

Valerie Jennings, CEO and Founder of JSMM+VBM

Photo: 2018 Dominican Republic


If you’re reading this blog it’s because you found my personal website. For years, I have dedicated my focus to building two digital marketing agencies Jennings Social Media Marketing and Viral Bolt Media. Each professional decision I have made since 2003 has been to grow those companies and their teams. While I have played an instrumental role in their development, I couldn’t have done it without the people who made it possible including employees, contractors, consultants, mentors and friends.

This website is dedicated to my professional and personal development as well as my commitment to providing digital marketing consulting for brands. When you start a company, you are its sole operator and have the opportunity to work closely with the people who retain you. However, as your business grows, you find yourself doing more day-to-day operations, etc. I want to get back to doing what I love – consulting. This website is my personal space to talk about the topics I’m passionate about as well as grow my consulting practice.

Please feel free to email me comments or questions to valerie@jsmm-vbm.com. I look forward to hearing from aspiring entrepreneurs, but also appreciate the tough questions from enterprise brands, specifically with respect to MarTech, lead generation and reputation management.

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